If It Ain't Fixed, Don't Break It to be released 9/28/18!
Posted on 9/19/2018
James Maddock New Album Insanity vs. Humanity Out Now (Songs of Avenue C Records)
Posted on 9/26/2017
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Insanity Vs Humanity Out Now!
Posted on 9/15/2017

Available where music is sold. 

Insanity Vs. Humanity slated for September 15, 2017 Release
Posted on 8/14/2017

Pre-order available now! 

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Castle Rock is so complicated I feel like I’ve missed two episodes for every episode I watch
@MickPuck Loved them
James Maddock - Music in the Stars - Official Video: https://t.co/yZF6e3mbvR via @YouTube
This whole Kavanaugh thing is about abortion. Pure and simple
Watched Reversing Roe on Netflix.Terrifying !